Summer Elizabeth

About Me.

The name is in the title. Since 1998, I have loved everything creative. I remember my younger sister getting a flip camera for Christmas one year and me being outright mad it was NOT mine. I took the camera and got behind it and we started making funny videos to show our parents. By the time my parents decided to add another daughter to the mix, I thought I had it made- we could start a family band and tour with other bands. Even though that dream did not take off, I realized how much i truly loved anything to do with creating something out of nothing. The process for me is the best part, and I love being able to control my direction of work. From beauty blogs to YouTube videos to Sports Editorials, I love it all. Not only do I love and value creative direction, I also value the “follow up.” I strive to make every creation better than the last one, and I truly believe the sky does not even come close to being the limit. 

College Days.

I grew up in the tiny town of Butler, Alabama. Have you heard of it? No. Do you know where the lower half of Alabama just into Mississippi? Yes. That’s Butler. In Butler, most women are nurses, teachers, bank tellers, boutique owners, and hairdressers. When I told my parents I wanted to go into communications and marketing, their first reaction was, “What exactly do you think you are doing with that degree?” Truthfully, I still sometimes do not know, but I do know that I love what I’m doing now– being a social media savvy young adult with a passion for public relations and branding. I believe in teamwork, dedication, and a quality result.